• We look at items any day of the week except the last weekend of the month due to our monthly sale. You do not need an appointment.
  • Bring items on hangers; it makes it much easier to go thru your items this way. We will return your hangers to you. We only take clothes for the season we are in.
  • Make sure your items are clean, current/trendy styles. We take high end couture brands and also everyday brands that you love (please see list of our best-selling brands).
  • We keep items for 8 weeks. If items are not sold after 6 weeks they get marked 50% off, at 8 weeks if they still have not sold we mark them down another 25% and give it another chance to sell in our end of the month sale. At the end of 8 weeks if your items are not sold you are welcome to pick up your items that have not sold or we can donate the unsold items and provide you with a tax receipt. It is your responsibility to keep track


  • You receive 40% of anything we sell under $100

  • You receive 50% of anything we sell over $100

  • You receive 60% of anything we sell over $500

We pay you as soon as your item sells, you do not have to wait until the end of your consignment period!


Can't live without out it?! No problem just lay it away!

*40% deposit down and one month to pay it off!*